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Bangchak Spearheads Clean and Convenient Fuel Business for Transportation, Opening Thailand’s First LNG Refueling Station. Catering to Demands from Transportation and Industrial Sectors, Offering Euro 6 Standard Equivalent Fuel


Bangchak Group is taking a lead in the clean fuel business for transportation, by opening the first-ever Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) refueling station in Thailand (License Number 1 issued by the Department of Energy Business). The station is located in Bangchak Map Iang service station, KM. 15 Sriracha, Chonburi Province. This promotes the use of liquefied natural gas as a clean fuel that helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent of the Euro 6 standard, providing businesses with a cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly fuel option.

Chaiwat Kovavisarach, Group Chief Executive Officer and President of Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, Chitchai Singkarin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Thai Special Gas Company Limited (TSG), along with executives from Bangchak, Thai Special Gas, and representatives from large-scale transportation business customers, participated in the official opening ceremony of the LNG Refueling Station at Bangchak Map Iang service station on 4 October.

Chaiwat stated “Today marks the official beginning of another business venture within Bangchak Group. We are delighted to be an operator of the LNG refueling station with the first license in Thailand from the Department of Energy Business. The station which is capable of accommodating approximately 100 customer vehicles per day is operated by BTSG Company Limited (BTSG), a joint venture between Bangchak Corporation and Thai Special Gas (TSG). There are three main benefits of LNG: 1) Clean fuel: LNG is environmentally friendly with lower emissions when compared to diesel resulting in less environmental pollution, 2) Convenience: Refueling is convenient, taking approximately 10 minutes per tank, which is comparable to refueling with traditional gasoline or diesel. and 3) Cost-efficiency: A full LNG tank can cover greater distances compared to diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) due to its higher thermal energy content per unit volume compared to other fuels. This makes it a fuel with growth potential and promising future business opportunities.

A plan is in place to expand the number of LNG refueling stations to major cities across all four regions of Thailand and collaborate with business partners in the transportation sector to jointly establish these refueling stations. The primary goal is to ensure convenient and extensive coverage, as well as promoting the widespread usage and adoption of clean fuels. The expansion will meet the growing demand for LNG in the transportation sector, making clean energy accessible in every region of the country and catering to the industrial sector’s demand as well.”

The LNG refueling station is operated by BTSG Company Limited, a joint venture between Bangchak Corporation (51% stake) and Thai Special Gas Company Limited (TSG) (49% stake). The company aims to develop and provide LNG-related services by capitalizing the strength of Bangchak’s extensive network of over 2,200 service stations nationwide and leveraging TSG’s three-decade-long expertise in industrial and specialty gases, using international quality and safety standards. BTSG has set the target to become a leader in integrated LNG services to meet the demands of customers across the country.

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